Temporary Graduate Visa

Temporary Graduate Visa - Subclass 485

This is a temporary residence visa for overseas students who have obtained an Australian qualification in Australia as a result of at least 2 years study. This visa allows applicants who are unable to pass the points test to remain in Australia for 18 months or for 2 – 4 years depending on 485 visa stream the graduate applied for. This visa enables the holder to work in Australia to gain the necessary skills and experience for application for a permanent or provisional GSM visa.

No points test applies.

There are 2 streams under this visa subclass:

Graduate Work stream – this stream is for international students who graduated with skills and qualifications closely related to an occupation on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

Post-Study Work stream – this stream is for international students who recently graduated with an eligible qualification from an Australian educational institution equivalent to at least a Bachelor Degree or Higher.

Professional Consultation

We recommend a professional consultation to discuss the abovementioned information and to review your eligibility.

A professional consultation will enable us to explain the process comprehensively, appropriate options and strategies, timelines and costs and your prospects of success.

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"The Team at Strategic Migration assisted in the prompt and accurate preparation of my Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa.

My application was processed promptly with a positive outcome achieving Migration Success.

The supportive and highly professional Team at Strategic Migration is a very real advantage.

I would definitely engage Strategic Migration again and recommend to them to my friends, family and colleagues."

Sandeep Nair
currently building a career at Keeler Hardware.

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