Den Lennie

Business Coach and Marketing Strategist at Den Lennie F-Stop Academy Australia

“We first approached Strategic Migration as Amelyn’s Australian Permanent Residence was quickly coming to an end and we wanted to continue to maintain our shared lives in this wonderful country.

Philip and the team were swift, very professional, meticulous and helpful in responding and in embarking on a successful Resident Return Visa Application for Amelyn to maintain her Australian Permanent Residence.

The real value was to devise and develop a strategic plan for Amelyn to eventually apply for Australian Citizenship.

In doing so, the conferral of Australian Citizenship ensured a lasting solution to Amelyn being able to fully participate in Australian society.

We felt we were able to “kill two birds with one stone” and thank Strategic Migration in ensuring our Migration Success.

We have no hesitation in recommending Strategic Migration to others who we are confident will also receive the sage wisdom, insight and influence for their Migration Success.”

Steve and Amelyn.

partners rejoiced at being able to continue living happily in Queensland, Australia and on a permanent basis

"In the beginning we became aware that applying for a Permanent Residence Partner Visa for my partner and our son would mean entering an expensive and long term process with uncertain approval timelines and uncertain outcomes. We engaged Strategic Migration as our partners in this process to reduce risks and uncertainties, avoid mistakes, and give us the best chance for our application to succeed.

Strategic Migration have patiently stood by us every step of the way, giving their guidance, support and advice for each new stage until we lodged our completed application.

It was fantastic news and a total surprise to us when we learned our Permanent Residence Partner Visa had actually been granted quite soon after it was lodged.

We want to send a big thank you to all the team at Strategic Migration for all your professional support to enable this life-changing event to happen, which has enabled our family to secure our Australian future.

We have no hesitation in recommending Strategic Migration’s professional migration services to others like us who are seeking a migration process with the best chance of success.

Kent and Cheerful.

partners now living happily in NSW, Australia

"A huge thank you again to the Strategic Migration team, this time for navigating me through the dangerous waters and guiding me along the rocky road to achieving Australian Permanent Residence.

Philip, Maria and Tony have been of enormous value and assurance during the entire application process from start to finish.

I really appreciated their time, effort and patience answering my questions and providing step by step guides to simplify the complexity and avoid delay.

I could not be more grateful for their efforts to refusal proof my applications to ensure Migration Success.

I will need assistance to apply for Australian Citizenship, and will have no hesitation asking the Strategic Migration team to assist me.

I will also continue to highly recommend the Strategic Migration team to all my friends, relatives and colleagues.”

Egle Dovydaityte
Senior Project Manager at Yieldify a multinational specialist firm of Customer Journey Optimization (CJO) specialists serving over 500 e-commerce companies worldwide.

"Obtaining a partner visa is a complex business.

It is one of the most complex engagements I have ever had with the government. To make things worse my partner comes from a country where homosexuality is illegal. Even the family of a gay person (male or female) can face persecution. So discretion and confidentiality was a paramount consideration.

Philip and Maria ensured absolutely that confidentiality was kept and also guided us through the complexities with sensitivity and patience. The process was as smooth as it could be and our application was successful.

My partner now lives here in Australia with me. Thank you for all your help!”


Same-Sex Partners achieving Migration Success in Australia

"I would like to thank Philip and the team at Strategic Migration very much for all their professional advice and assistance provided to me regarding my eligibility for Global Talent Migration and General Skilled Migration.

Philip and the team are so professional, thorough, knowledgeable, responsive, user friendly, caring and supportive in refusal proofing migration applications.

I couldn’t recommend their services highly enough for anyone applying for Australian Migration and seeking to secure their Australian future.”

Narges Kia

"Era Polymers has been working together with Philip, Tony and Maria at Strategic Migration for over 10 years and we continue to be in awe by their professionalism, expertise, advice and honesty over this time.

We have enjoyed a 100% success rate with our visa applications and they will remain our No. 1 choice for all our Migration needs.

So naturally, we have no hesitation in recommending their professional migration services to anyone who wishes to secure their Australian future and make a successful Refusal Proofed Migration Application.”

Francene Papamanuel

Era Polymers, an Australian owned and operated company specialising in the field of polyurethane chemistry.

"Philip Summerbell and his team at Strategic Migration have given us an exemplary service. With their advice, support and expertise we were granted permanent residence status via a Global Talent Visa. Strategic Migration are extremely professional , helpful and expert in their field, and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

We feel an enormous debt to Strategic Migration for all their assistance in helping us to become Permanent Residents of Australia."

Humphrey and Alison

living happily together in WA

“I have worked with Philip Summerbell and his colleagues for over more than 20 years assisting them whenever a client has a Health Issue with their Migration application.

Philip always impresses with his knowledge and professionalism. The whole team are thorough, and attentive, seeing the whole of the Migration process for their clients. Their responses are always courteous, prompt and timely. They have a strong focus on the needs of the individual client and the strategy required to ensure Migration Applications achieve Migration Success.

I have found, as a result of working with Philip over 20 years, that he is always a caring, thoughtful, and thoroughly professional, well-versed in the highly complex nuances of Health and Migration. The results of his focus and dedication are self-evident in the Migration Success of all his clients.”

Dr Martha Baz

Specialist Medico-Legal Expert at Visa Medical Associates

“We have engaged Strategic Migration over the last 5 years, to achieve 100% Migration Success for a number of our staff.

Strategic Migration remain a trusted partner, always willing to assist with our Migration questions and concerns.

They are thoroughly professional, client focused, extremely easy to work with, and meticulous in their Migration advice and assistance.

I cannot recommend them highly enough, and look forward to our continued partnership in working to achieve Migration Success.”

Sharne Patient
at the Digital Marketing Firm Headmark

“Philip and his team at Strategic Migration assisted with Ruth's successful Partner Temporary Visa and later Partner Permanent Residency Applications.

Through each step of the application process and with Tim based overseas during that time, Strategic Migration provided invaluable assistance and guidance.

Their service was timely and professional.

We couldn't have done it without them and couldn't have asked for a better result.”

Tim and Ruth
now living happily together in Australia

“I worked with Strategic Migration in an initial consultation regarding Australian Migration options and strategies for my overseas partner including Partner Migration and a Tourist Visa.

Philip and his team were very knowledgeable, professional, prompt and genuinely cared for my situation with my partner.

I would only ever consider working with Strategic Migration in the future and would go straight to them for Migration assistance and Migration Success.”

Scott Quine and his same-sex Thai partner Wittayachai "Jean" Kanpean

"A huge thank you to the team at Strategic Migration – Maria, Philip and Tony – for all their help and support during a two year process to successfully obtain my Subclass 858 Global Talent Visa.

In particular thanks to Philip who recognised this would be an appropriate Visa to apply for in the first instance.

I greatly value his experience and knowledge of the Australian immigration system.

Strategic Migration provide a thorough service, ensuring appropriate and bespoke advice when required and refusal proofing the preparation and lodgement of the applications.

There is no way I would have been able to navigate this hypercomplex process myself.

I would highly recommend Strategic Migration to anyone seeking Migration Success."

Gill Nicol
Global Talent in contemporary arts with the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

"My partner and I were together in Kuala Lumpur for about 2 years before I departed Malaysia for Sydney to start a new life with my partner.

I was desperate to stay together and live in Australia with my partner.

Philip and his team at Strategic Migration helped us every step of the way with their meticulous attention to detail to ensure our Sponsorship and Partner Visa Applications were Refusal Proof.

Two weeks after lodging our applications with the Immigration Department, we received Partner Visa Approval.

We are forever grateful to Philip and his team for their expertise and navigating us to Migration Success, enabling us to live together successfully in Australia."

Moses Loo and Alex Heng
same-sex partners now living happily in Australia.

"A huge thank you to Philip, Maria and Tony from Strategic Migration for their professionalism, honesty and hard work in assisting and ensuring a hassle free employer sponsorship of one of our staff and Migration Success.

They need to be commended on their hard work and honesty throughout the entire process as well as their patience in explaining and detailing each phase with us. We highly recommend them. Thank you guys for all your hard work and help!"

George Karnasiotis
Owner and Proprietor of Goodfields Eatery.

"Again, we would like to say thank you for all your work through the application process of our successful visa grant.

I can’t thank you enough Philip, Tony and Maria for helping us with our 482 visa.

You profoundly helped us with every step of the way which we truly appreciate.

Much appreciation too for letting us know the possible outcomes, positive or not, and that you don’t sugarcoat it.

You helped us be ready for whatever may come during the process.

We hope to have your guidance in the future.

More power and prosperity to all of you!"

John Emman Canapi
Restaurant Manager at Goodfields Eatery.

"I was recommended to contact Strategic Migration regarding my Australian Migration Options.

The Team at Strategic Migration assisted in the prompt and accurate preparation of my Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa.

My application was processed promptly with a positive outcome achieving Migration Success.

The supportive and highly professional Team at Strategic Migration is a very real advantage.

I would definitely engage Strategic Migration again and recommend to them to my friends, family and colleagues."

Sandeep Nair
currently building a career at Keeler Hardware.

"When I started my Sponsorship and Partner Visa Applications at Strategic Migration 5 years ago, I was extremely anxious and nervous because I wasn't sure if my application would achieve Migration Success, especially as someone who is HIV Positive.

Philip and the Team at Strategic Migration greatly assisted me throughout the process in managing my difficult Sponsorship and Partner Visa Applications that were affected by my highly complex Health issue.

After 3 long years of hard work, perseverance and waiting, I finally achieved Migration Success with the grant of Australian Permanent Residence.

Thank you so much for giving me a second chance for setting-up life here in Australia. Since achieving Australian Permanent Residence, I am now studying a Master Degree of Commerce in Economics at Macquarie University while working in both catering and real estate sales.

Migration services in general are costly, however, whether your case is complex like mine or not, I don't hesitate to recommend Strategic Migration with their assurance of Migration Success - We know “near enough is never good enough” and we’ve NEVER lost a VISA application!"

Nguyen Ho Dinh Huy
now studying a Master Degree of Commerce in Economics at Macquarie University whilst working in both catering and real estate sales in Sydney, Australia

"Philip, Maria and Tony from Strategic Migration have been a pleasure to work with over the last 3 years. They are extremely thorough and I have always felt reassured that our company's visa applications are very safe in their hands. They are flexible and quick to respond to any request for communication, which has been integral to a smooth working process and a sound peace of mind for both myself and our employees."

Lucy Mack
Head of People at Yieldify a multinational specialist firm of Customer Journey Optimization (CJO) specialists serving over 500 e-commerce companies worldwide.

"Strategic Migration has provided personalized, effective and sensible advice throughout the journey for Visa application. As the name suggests, a strategic approach was taken to navigate the sometimes very convoluted process of obtaining permanent visa. I highly recommend engaging Strategic Migration for their services."

Dr Rayson Tan
Executive Officer | Research Ethics, Compliance and Governance at Garvan Institute of Medical Research a leading multi-disciplinary biomedical research institute in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

"Thank you to the Strategic Migration team for helping me with obtaining the Subclass 457 and 482 Visas.

The service is extremely professional and at high standard. I have been always been informed and updated with every step of the process.

Philip, Maria and Tony have made the application process seamless and stress-free.

The Strategic Migration team is always making themselves available throughout the process and always willing to answer any questions you may have.

They always provide very clear instructions of the requirements.

Due to this, I would highly recommend The Strategic Migration Team."

Egle Dovydaityte
Senior Project Manager at Yieldify a multinational specialist firm of Customer Journey Optimization (CJO) specialists serving over 500 e-commerce companies worldwide.

"Many thanks to the professionalism, diligence and hard work by the Strategic Migration team of Maria, Tony, Philip!

Metropolitan Demolitions Group is delighted with their client service and migration outcomes for our staff.

I previously engaged Strategic Migration when I was HR at Freyssinet and Menard Bachy with an Expatriate Assignment Program of approximately 55 employer sponsored employees at any one time.

I was always confident then they were most competent and efficient, minimising the complexity, cost, stress, and delay and achieving 100 per cent success for all our migration applications.

They continue to demonstrate excellence in their Migration Success and I continue to highly recommend them to HR Managers, businesses and employers!"

Ken Honeysett
HR & Payroll Officer at Metropolitan Demolitions Group providing demolition and civil services to the Sydney CBD and the Greater NSW region.

"Once again the Strategic Migration team has worked its magic. They have been a valued safety net in recent years, negotiating residency and, now, citizenship for both my daughter in law and grandson, going into bat for us whenever there were roadblocks. They are meticulous, polite and peerless when it comes to the dark arts of documentation! We have always felt that we were in safe hands."

Susan Skelly
Publisher at Excess All Areas

"Philip and his team handled my employer nominated permanent residency application. I don’t do detail, forms or legal processes, they frighten me and push me way out of my comfort zone. Philip is meticulous and hand held me through every step of the application, explaining the what and why along the way. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Since my client experience I have been partie to the growth of Strategic Migration via a number of business networking groups and am always impressed by their professionalism and dedication to delivering for clients and supporting the business community."

James Wright
Account Director from Manchester in the UK now successfully developing his career in Australia

"I have known Philip Summerbell when he first advised me for visa information. Since then he has assisted me to obtain two working visas (I am a UK citizen). I can only speak highly of Philip and the information and knowledge he has of the Australian immigration system. I would highly recommend him to anyone venturing into these unknown waters and wish him well for his future endeavours. I will certainly be working with him at the next stage towards my naturalisation process."

Robin Ellwood
Now living in Melbourne and successfully building his career in Australia.

"Philip is a reliable and skilled professional who delivers accurate and insightful advice in the area of migration law. He was extremely helpful with his guidance which assisted in my partner obtaining his permanent visa."

Lee Barrett
Now living happily with his partner in Australia

"Philip was so easy to work with and made the entire process of getting my 457 stress-free. He was very professional and I highly recommend him to anyone to aid in their legal transition into Australia."

“Philip and his team at Strategic Migration have made my transition to Australia exceptionally smooth and hassle-free. Philip is the best in his field and I recommend him to anyone looking to come to Australia to work and/or live. He is an expert in the field of immigration and I trust him with my future endeavours of attaining permanent residency in Australia.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Dr. Cody Hanish BS, DC
from Minnesota, USA now successfully developing his professional career in Australia, hired Philip as a Attorney

"The team at Strategic Migration are knowledgeable, patient and professional but remain relaxed and approachable. The team handled my partner visa application and provided a faultless service. I can't recommend Strategic Migration highly enough."

“Philip Summerbell is a consummate professional and performs at the top of his game. At Ouvrir we are very particular about the clients we engage with and I have no hesitation in recommending Philip and Strategic Migration not because he is a client, but because there really is no better migration practice for a professional considering migration to Australia.”

Will Noble
Co-founder & Consultant, Ouvrir
From Southampton, UK now happily living with his partner.

“We engaged Philip to help sponsor a UK resident within Australia. His knowledge and service was excellent and I would recommend him for an migration matters. He had a thorough knowledge of the procedures and was able to guide us through the whole process smoothly.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Mark Burrough
Hired Philip as a Business Consultant

"Thank you for securing our future!

Philip Summerbell and his team at Strategic Migration made our dream to live in Australia a reality. We came across Philip by way of referral and we thank our lucky stars every day. Philip and his extensive knowledge of the Australian immigration system gained our family permanent residency in Australia, which would have been tricky for us if we didn't use his services. There is no doubt that our current circumstances would have been different (and most unfavourable) if it wasn't for Strategic Migration. They gave us 5 star service all the way!

"Like most trying to achieve a successful immigration outcome, we found the world of immigration confusing and even scary. We were concerned that we would not be able to continue building our lives together in Australia, that our baby girl would miss out on growing up here and how this could affect her future, and that we would need to close our successful business and start over again in the UK.

"Luckily we were referred to Philip Summerbell of Strategic Migration. He secured our future here in Australia via a spouse sponsored visa and made the process so quick and easy. But most importantly, Strategic Migration allowed us to live our dream and comfortably got us through an extremely stressful period of our lives. We wouldn't recommend using anyone else!"

Danny & Vesna
Ashfield NSW now happily growing a family and a family business in Sydney.

"Strategic Migration guided us on a path from Subclass 457 Visa to Employer Nomination Scheme Permanent Residence and then to Australian citizenship through careful counsel, knowledge, and expertise.

We will be forever grateful to the entire team at Strategic Migration for helping us to achieve our Australian lifestyle."

Stephen Mally & Dan Bernstein
from the United States, now living happily in Australia.

Strategic Migration provided invaluable assistance for Solar Analytics to obtain a work visa for one of our staff members. They were punctual, efficient, and managed the application with a high level of communication. Most importantly they we successful in the application and the visa has been granted. Thank you.

Stefan Jarnason
co-founder of Solar Analytics, Australia’s largest independent solar monitoring company

"I have referred a number of clients to Philip for Migration Law advice. To a man and woman they have been unstinting in their praise of Philip's great depth of knowledge in this increasingly complicated area and persistence and professionalism in assisting them to achieve their goals. I have no hesitation in recommending Philip's services to anyone in need of Migration Law advice."

John Simpson
Business Lawyer at CLW Lawyers: Family, Property & Business Law with over 40 years’ experience

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation. I have dealt with Mr Philip Summerbell and Mr Tony Tan, they were there every time I had question or asked any advice. I did receive straightforward and clear guidance throughout the process of my 457 and 186 visa application, and finally received a good news which is the 186 permanent residency grant. The best part was when I needed more information and consultation, they don't mind to spent some of their valuable time for a meeting face to face to explain and giving guidance how to achieve Australia permanent residency. I would recommend using Strategic Migration, their knowledge and understanding of the system is great. Thank you very much for everything."

Dony Oktarian Tjandra
Leading Cook at Braza Churrascaria, an authentic Brazilian Barbeque house that serves world-renowned Australia meats

"If anyone can navigate the sea of changes in Immigration Land – its Strategic Migration. Full 5 Star Service ★★★★★"

Raffaele D'Alisa
Managing Director at Bastion Effect a PR and communications agency for the new age

"Strategic Migration was really helpful to me when I wanted to ensure the safe entry into Australia for a person wanting to visit our company here in Australia from Singapore. Strategic Migration provided me the necessary information to make sure I did this properly with a Business Visitor Visa. The Team of Philip, Maria and Tony were super helpful in any queries I had. I always feel comfort in dealings with them via email or equally on the phone. I have used them before and I was impressed with their consistently high service levels. Needless to say I always consult them in each instance because of changing immigration laws in Australia and for sure I will use Strategic Migration again. Please do try them."

Andrew Simic
Business Controller at Weidmuller Pty Ltd

“I cannot recommend the folks at Strategic Migration highly enough. Philip Summerbell, Maria Rodriguez and Tony Tan have shown patience, diligence and determination in all my dealings with them. We have sought to bring operatic artists of global talent to Australia; Philip and his team have successfully secured Permanent Residency for each and every one of them.”

Patrick Togher
Founder of Patrick Togher Artists' Management providing personal management in Australia, New Zealand and Asia for leading opera and concert singers, conductors and instrumentalists.

"I engaged Strategic Migration from temporary skilled visa to my permanent resident visa. Philip, Maria and Tony had provided expert advice and excellent service since day one. I highly recommend Strategic Migration to anyone for their migration matters. If you are unsure where to start your transition into Australia, do not look any further. Strategic Migration is the place where you can receive a 5-star service ★★★★★"

Hein Htet
Electrical Engineer from Floth, one of Australia’s leading building services and engineering consultancy practices.

"Strategic Migration provided invaluable assistance and advice with our successful application for permanent residency. They are thorough, professional and we would highly recommend their service.""

Tim Kelsey
a Global Talent in the fields of national digital health services and systems, with a focus on engagement, innovation and clinical quality and safety. Tim is the incumbent and current chief executive of the Australian Federal Government's new Australian Digital Health Agency.

"Thought I had better send you a couple of photos to show we have done it!!
5 years down the track and Zoe and the kids are Aussie's. all thanks to you and your wonderful team there We can't thank you enough for all you help.
Geoff and Nanette are here as I type and send you all there love and best wishes."

Peter Danks
with his wife, Zoe, and their three children - the exact moment the family achieved their Australian Citizenship after an arduous journey toiling through temporary and permanent residency via Partner Migration.

"Strategic Migration has solidly assisted us since our company opened in 2011, helping us from all the requirements of a Temporary Working Visa right up to acquiring Australian Citizenship. We are extremely satisfied with the services that Strategic Migration has provided to us, as they know very well the requirements of Australian Migration Law, and while they sometimes may seem to ask for too much documentation and information, it is to ensure Migration Success. We are extremely satisfied with the services that Strategic Migration has provided to us, as they know very well the requirements of Australian Migration Law, and while they sometimes may seem to ask for too much documentation and information, it is to ensure Migration Success."

Giorgos Makrakis
head of Teas Australia, the Australian subsidiary of a Greece based General Contractor and Engineering Consulting firm with an international presence worldwide.

“Over a period of six years Strategic Migration advised on, and managed, the processes involved in obtaining a Partner Resident Visa, and a subsequent Resident Return visa. Their services were professional, thorough and efficient, their fees transparent, and most importantly, the grants of both visas were successful and achieved quickly. Strategic Migration made the processing of dealing with the potentially complex process of visa applications simple and stress free. We would recommend their services to those who wish to have professional management of their migration needs.”

Owen Johnstone-Donnet and his Japanese partner, Takako Ishige
founder of St James Rail, a boutique travel agent which has offered fully escorted trips by rail in Australia and around the world.

"Thank you to the team at Strategic Migration for helping me and my wife to obtain a subclass 482 visa.

As a client, I was always kept updated and informed along every step of the way which gave me great confidence in the process as a whole. The team at Strategic Migration walked me through step by step leaving no stone unturned to ensure every aspect of my lodgement was written with great care and completeness, and providing me with all the necessary information I needed.

Overall an extremely professional team to deal with, always making themselves available throughout the process, even late in the evening to help in any way they could with very clear and concise instructions given in what became a very smooth process. I would recommend anybody needing the assistance of a professional migration company to choose Strategic Migration.

Paul Pokato
Construction Project Manager at Metropolitan Demolitions Group, an Australian Firm providing demolition and civil services to the Sydney CBD and the Greater NSW region.